Campaign Management Policy

Campaign management is our main priority. While we may not be able to prevent every situation imaginable, we go above and beyond with our preventative measures than 99% of companies do with their employees who drive company vehicles. Rest assured we take your image and the campaigns success seriously and make every effort to ensure a problem free successful advertising campaign.

Legal & Liability

All Vehicle Owners/Drivers must fill out and sign the following forms:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Rules & Responsibilities
  • Safe Driver Policy
  • Valid Driver Form
  • Vehicle Owner Agreement
  • Schedule A - Vehicle Owner Agreement - includes all details of the driver responsibilities and any special conditions

Information Verification

Market Your Car Inc. has a face to face interview with every vehicle owner/driver prior to acceptance of any contract. As part of our procedures we verify all driver supplied information and require the following to ensure quality campaign management.

  • Copy of Drivers License
  • Copy of bill with Drivers name and Address
  • Letter of Employment from employer
  • Letter from insurance company stating adequate and valid insurance
  • We perform DMV/Driver Abstract checks

Ongoing Campaign Maintenance

  • Periodical inspections of vehicles to ensure they are in good working and astetic condition with no damage to the advertisement
  • Periodic verification of km driven to ensure accurate billing
  • Long-term campaigns receive the added benefit of annual re-verification of driver supplied information
  • A 1-800 number is placed on the vehicle along with a vehicle number and text "How is my driving?" to easily identify the vehicle and allow us to manage complaints should they arise
  • Additionally we place a small Market Your Car Inc. logo with text "Campaign managed by:" to minimize people calling advertisers should any issues arise

Should any issues arise with the vehicle/driver we will deal with them on a case by case basis (i.e. pull driver, replace or repair advertisement, etc).