Specific to target markets and locations

What makes vehicle advertising so effective is its ability to target specific markets and locations. This is not as effective with other forms of media, and when it is, it’s usually very expensive. When looking at other forms of advertising such as radio, TV, or newspapers, their distribution or market reach is impressive in terms of total numbers. The down-side is that the advertisement is often advertising to people who are just not your target market.

With our marketing strategy, all of your advertising dollars can be focused in the area where your business is located. This allows you to capitalize on the 97% of people who live and/or work near your business. Just think of how effective your advertising will be.

This type of advertising cannot be ignored

Many advertising mediums can be ignored. Radio and TV can be turned off. Newspapers can be put down and people can flip pages completely missing your advertisement. The majority of vehicles on the road are plain allowing vehicle advertisement to stand out and get noticed. It is natural human tendency to notice things that are unique, different, and new, allowing vehicle advertising to be highly effective.

Don’t compete with anyone for advertising space

One of the great aspects of vehicle advertising is that you do not compete with anyone for advertising space. With many mediums, advertising rates have increased dramatically because of competition (i.e. front page in a newspaper or magazine, billboard in a specific location, time slot on a radio or TV program). With 3rd party vehicle advertising there is no competition due to the sheer number of vehicles on the road allowing it to be a cost effective advertising medium.

Creates “word-of-mouth” advertising

Every 3rd Party Vehicle Marketing Campaign enjoys the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising. We sit down with the drivers and educate them on your business. People always go up and ask the owners questions about the vehicle and the advertisement on it. The more educated the driver, the more they will talk about your business. In addition, they can also hand out promotional materials that will drive people to your business.

New and very unique

Vehicle advertising has been used effectively by very innovative companies. In the US and in Europe this marketing medium has been very popular for a long time. This means you can get ahead of your competition and start taking advantage of its benefits. Be on the forefront of the new advertising curve. You will get noticed.