There are few; if any advertising mediums which can target customers as effectively, inexpensively and consecutively as vehicle wraps. This medium targets consumers at the right time, in the right place, and in the right frame of mind day after day. Being able to target consumers at these key times should make wrapping a company vehicle in advertisements to promote a business or product a key component in the marketing strategy.

Target People when in the right frame of mind.

Forty percent of people make a purchasing decision on the way home from work. Utilizing company vehicle which drive at that time creates a unique opportunity to wrap them in an advertisement and help drive more sales to the business. Placing an advertisement in front of people whose habits suggest they are going to make a decision to buy something makes the advertisement that much more effective in changing a potential consumer into a customer.

Target People at the right time.

Majority of people shop on the way home from work and after they get home from work. Utilizing company vehicle or our vehicle marketing program continues to reaffirm a brand or product at the time consumers are shopping. People are busy and sometimes forget to buy certain things they want or need. Vehicle wraps can serve as a kind of reminder to consumers of the products they need or want to buy or try for the first time. It woes not matter whether the advertisement is being driven around or parked in a buy shopping center. It’s always out there promoting to people who are already in the buying phase thereby making it that much more effective.

Target People in the right place.

Sixty percent of consumers shop closer to home. Vehicles which are going home with employees or doing deliveries should take advantage of being in the right area to advertise products or services at local retailers. Targeting people daily in the right area where products are sold can help drive sales up significantly. Advertising cost money and every business want to know where their budgets are going. Vehicle wraps actually help focus advertising dollars in the key target location rather then advertising in areas where potential customer will never come from increasing the effectiveness of each dollar spent on advertising.