MYC is the only company to offer this program in Canada

Get significant additional exposure with a targeted 3rd Party Vehicle Marketing Campaign. A standard vehicle wrap uses your company’s current vehicle(s) for the marketing campaign, however a 3rd Party Vehicle Marketing Campaign uses vehicles and drivers supplied by MYC. This program is incredible and MYC has covered all of the bases to ensure that your company is effectively and safely represented.


Benefits of 3rd Party Vehicle Marketing Campaigns


Less expensive than other media
Millions of impression annually
Targets people in the right place
Targets people at the right time
Specific to target markets/locations
Doesn’t compete for space
Creates Word-of-mouth advertising
Provides a good economic benefit



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Marketing Campaigns

Advertise on other peoples cars.

Third Party Vehicle Marketing Campaigns are a great way to focus your advertising dollars into your target market. We have drivers who allow us to advertise on their vehicles for a monthly fee. Each campaign is custome designed for each advertiser. Drivers are selected based on a variety of criteria including location of work and home, events and activities attended, and specific demographic information to make your advertising as effective as possible exposing you to your target customer. Theses campaigns are perfect for building brand awareness and ensuring blanket coverage of your target market.

Vehicle Graphics / Wraps

Advertise on your car.

Transform your company cars, trucks, and vehicles into an effective medium that delivers the most impressions per dollar spent. With the average full vehicle wrap at approximately $2,500 and guaranteed for 5 years, that works out to less than $42 per month over the 5 year period, and you benefit from having a large mobile billboard advertising your business 24/7. Compared to traditional advertising, $42 might be enough for a small word ad in the paper for one day. For $0.03 Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM), you can advertise your business every day with a mobile billboard that gets attention.