Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a car wrap? Is it paint?

A vehicle wrap is a hi-tech vinyl covering that adheres directly to the surface of the vehicle. The application is so precise that it is often mistaken for a custom paint job. Vynil will not damage the original paint.

How does the “Get Paid to Drive Program” work?

Vehicle Advertising is increasing in popularity and its cost-effectiveness makes it attractive to businesses. We operate by compensating you with up to $800.00 per month to dress your car with our client’s message.

What provinces does the program cover?

All over Canada.

How do I get selected?

After you’ve completed the registration form, your details will be added to our database. When an advertiser wants to advertise on a driver’s vehicle we search through our database for drivers who meet the specific criteria of the advertiser for each of their advertising campaigns. If the information that you provided during your registration matches the advertiser’s criteria you will be contacted by MYC.

How long will the selection take?

Each advertising campaign is different in terms of location, target audience, and a variety of other details. Selection may take weeks, months, or years depending on the availability of advertisers whose criteria match the details that you’ve provided. MYC will contact you when you are selected.

How long does the Get Paid to Drive Program last?

The Get Paid to Drive Program duration depends on how long the advertiser wants to advertise in your area. This can be anywhere from a few months to 5 years. At the start of each campaign the advertiser informs MYC of their desired term, which you are free to agree to. You are not obligated to be the only driver that an advertiser uses, so if the advertiser chooses to extend the term yet you would like to withdraw at the end of the term, you are able to do so. We would simply locate another driver in your area and move the wrap to their vehicle.

Once I have finished a Get Paid to Drive Program can I participate in another?

Yes. If you have been involved in one of our programs you may participate in another in the future. There is no maximum number of programs that you can participate in as long as you remain in good standing with the company.

Will you wrap a leased vehicle?

Yes, the wrap can be easily removed without any damage to the vehicle or its paint job at the end of the lease.

How long will the wrap stay on my vehicle?

The length of time depends on your contract with us. It can be as little as a few months up to a few years. Generally, a vehicle wrap will last anywhere from 3 – 5 years and can be removed anytime by a professional.

Will a vehicle wrap damage my vehicle’s paint upon removal?

No; if the vehicle still has its original factory paint, or has been properly repainted with a quality paint, then 99% of the time there will be no damage or residue left behind.

If there are graphics on windows will I be able to see through them?

Yes, the window graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl that allows you to see through the windows when you are inside your vehicle.

How do I take care of the wrap?

Hand-washing is best. Try to avoid high pressure washes and be careful to never use an ice scraper on window graphics. There are specially designed products to clean and polish vinyl graphics. We will be happy to tell you about them.

How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

The amount of time required for an installation varies depending to a few criteria, such as vehicle size and condition, as well as whether or not it arrives to the shop clean and ready to go. A full wrap can usually be installed within one business day while partial wraps can be done within a few hours.