Step 1: Registration

  • Registration
    In order to participate in our Get Paid to Drive Program you must fill out our Registration Form as completely and accurately as possible. There is and never will be a no registration fee of any kind.
  • Database Submission
    The information you submitted through the registration form is automatically added to our driver database. Our driver database is secure and your information will not be shared or sold to any third-parties. Only authorized MYC (Market Your Car) employees will have limited access. If you have any questions or concerns please read our Privacy Policy or send us an e-mail to
  • Selection Process
    During the time when we have companies that wish to advertise with us, we go though our database of drivers and find potential matches for each program. This portion of the process can take the longest as we only contact drivers selected for a particular program. Unfortunately as a driver there isn’t much you can do other than wait. There are many more drivers wishing to participate than there are companies out there. This results in a longer wait time to be selected.

Step 2: Selection

  • Selection Process
    Once you have been selected for a program, a MYC (Market Your Car) representative will contact you by phone. This initial call is to inform you that you have been chosen and to see if you are still interested in the program. If you are interested we will verify that the information we have from your registration form has not changed. If you are not comfortable answering these questions online fell free to hang up and call us back at our office number located on this website. Once everything has been verified by phone we will then send you an email with the details of this program for your review. This information will include various information including: length of campaign, advertiser information, example of vehicle graphics, compensation information, etc.
  • Acceptance of Program
    Once you have accepted the program and filled out all the necessary forms and contracts we will schedule you in for the installation of the graphics.

Step 3: Installation

  • Installation of Graphics
    The installation date will be roughly 2-3 weeks from the acceptance of the program. The installation of the graphics will take approximately 1 full day.
  • Care and Maintenancee
    The case and maintenance of the graphics is very similar to the way you would normally care for your own vehicle.

Step 4: Getting Paid to Drive

Congratulation you are now getting paid to drive.