Perforated Graphics

Perforated graphics refers to a type of vinyl which which has perforation or holes in it. These perforations in the vinyl allow people to see printed graphics on one side and allow people to see through the other.

Perforated vinyl is very commonly used on store front windows and in vehicle graphics. In vehicle wraps it is most often used on the side passenger windows and the rear window of a car. The front windshield and the front driver and passenger windows do not usually have perforated graphics installed on them for obvious safety reasons and traffic laws.

There are different types of perforated vinyl including ones which are installed from the outside or inside of a building or vehicle. The percentage of material to holes in the vinyl also allows application on various types of windows to increase visibility.

A vehicle may have reduces visibility when perforated graphics are installed on it. The reduction in visibility depends on the type of vinyl used and on the curve and angle of a window. Vehicle such a van and SUVs which have fairly vertical windows will have less reduction in vision then vehicle with very tilted and curved windows such as sports cars and Beatles.

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perforated graphics

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view through perforated window

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