Vehicle wraps are a brand-building machine

Citizens spend significant time in their vehicle every day. In the GTA the average person spends 65.6 minutes commuting between home and work. That a little over an hour of eyes staring back-and-forth during a single drive. Vehicle wraps are great at getting impressions everywhere they go and are easily spotted in a sea of single-colour vehicles. Cities with high traffic are especially ideal when implementing vehicle wraps in your marketing strategy.

With the volume of urban traffic increasing annually, people are spending more time commuting than ever before. This serves as an opportunity to use vehicle marketing as your effective and cost-efficient method for advertising. They are great at targeting people on the roads due to their vibrant colours and unique designs. Many businesses use vehicle marketing to maintain or increase strong brand awareness. Famous brands taking advantage of this advertising cool include Geek Squad, Nerds on Site, and 1-800-Got-Junk to name a few. Vehicle wraps are mobile billboards that work by capturing attention for a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional forms of advertising. They also help target consumers who are missed by traditional advertising making them a large force in brand building.