Vehicle / Traffic Trends

Vehicle wraps are a brand building machine

People spend a significant time in their vehicle every day. In the GTA the average person spends 65.6 minutes commuting between home and work. That a little over an hour when they have nothing else to do other then stare at traffic. Vehicle wraps are great at getting impressions everywhere they go. Especially in the ever increasing traffic in larger cities making them a great addition to a marketing strategy.

With the amount of traffic increasing year over year and people spending much more time commuting than they did a few years ago: An opportunity has opened up in the marketing world for vehicle wraps. They are great at targeting people on the roads. They stand out and provide a break from the otherwise boring commute. There are many small to large companies which have built a recognizable brand utilizing vehicles. Some that come to mind are Geek Squad, Nerds on Site, and 1-800-Got-Junk. Mobile billboards (vehicle wraps) work, and cost little compared to traditional forms of advertising. They also help target consumers which are missed by traditional advertising making them a large force in brand building.