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Market Your Car's innovative print vehicle marketing campaigns

Vehicle print marketing campaigns work similarly to bus advertisements, using a growing database of drivers. Market Your Car rents space on driver’s vehicles for a specific time frame, promoting businesses for as little as $700/month. This cost-effective outdoor advertising method receives similar or more impressions than billboards, allowing businesses to advertise 10-20 vehicles for the same price. The program selects drivers based on various criteria, ensuring brand safety and reputation.

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The Three Rights

  • Repetition is crucial for creating advertising awareness and achieving success.

  • The three rights to advertising - the right time, the right place, and the right frame of mind - are automatically addressed in print vehicle marketing, boosting business sales.

  • Print vehicle marketing uniquely combines repetition with precise targeting to reach audiences in the right place, at the right time, and with the right mindset, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Target People In The Right mindset

  • A study by Arbitron revealed that 40% of buying decisions are made on the way home from work, making this a key time to target customers.

  • Utilizing people's vehicles for advertisements during their commute home capitalizes on this critical decision-making phase.

  • By strategically targeting customers at the right moment, print vehicle marketing enhances the impact of your advertising efforts.

Target People at the right place

  • Consumer research indicates that 62% of people shop closer to their homes, emphasizing the importance of localized advertising.

  • Print vehicle marketing maintains brand awareness and freshness by keeping graphics at the forefront of consumers' minds.

  • By selecting drivers living within a 10km radius of a retail location, print vehicle marketing ensures that advertisements are visible to potential customers in the area, reinforcing brand familiarity and increasing advertising impact.

Target People At The right time

  • The same study done by Arbitron found that a significant portion of people either shop on the way home from work (43% Sometimes, 19% frequently) or after they get home from work (44% Sometimes, 20% Frequently)

  • Since so many of our community members require vehicles to shop, our program once again targets people at the most convenient and right time. This increases a vehicle’s print marketing conversion potential.

Boost your brand recognition by 15X with vehicle wraps advertising!

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Our vehicle print marketing campaigns revolutionize advertising reach and maximize effectiveness!

No other medium can effectively target people consecutively like our third-party print marketing program. Our program targets people while they are making decisions to buy, during the time they are shopping, and in the right area. Targeting people at these three stages can significantly increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Vehicle marketing is an outstanding addition to any marketing strategy. These mobile billboards offer a high-impact, high-visibility medium with outstanding head-turning ability. Our campaigns are capable of delivering millions of impressions in specifically targeted areas. In fact, vehicle marketing has the potential to make 30,000 to 70,000 impressions, daily.

Additional Benefits of Vehicle print Marketing

There are many benefits to our third-party vehicle print marketing program. Some of these are summarized below. If you would like more information about our vehicle print marketing program, contact our office to learn more! Our experts are always available to answer any questions!

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CPM Analysis:

In the dynamic world of advertising, understanding the metrics that drive your campaign’s success is crucial. Enter CPM (Cost Per Thousand impressions), the gold standard for measuring the cost of reaching 1000 views on an advertisement. At Market Your Car, our CPM analysis goes beyond numbers – we decode the true potential of your vehicle marketing program.

In a head-to-head comparison, vehicle wraps and our vehicle marketing program emerge as clear winners, offering remarkably low costs per impression compared to traditional advertising channels. The secret lies in our approach – no battling for real estate or vying for ad space in newspapers, radio, or TV. By leveraging the lasting impact of well-installed wraps, we deliver long-lasting results that dramatically reduce the cost of your advertisement over its useful life.

With our vehicle marketing program, your brand cruises smoothly through time. As opposed to short-lived ads, the life of your advertisement is extended significantly. A well-designed wrap can endure for up to 5+ years, making it a cost-effective, long-term investment that continuously spreads your message far and wide.

Our CPM analysis showcases how vehicle wraps and our vehicle marketing program offer the best of both worlds: cost-efficiency and effective reach. By optimizing your advertising budget, you can achieve high impressions without breaking the bank, all while maximizing your brand’s visibility.

Our CPM analysis elevates your understanding of vehicle marketing’s power. With a clear picture of the cost-effectiveness and extended reach it brings, you can confidently steer your advertising strategy towards success.

Get ready to accelerate your advertising efforts with our expert CPM analysis. As leaders in vehicle marketing, we are committed to helping your brand stand out on the road and beyond. Take the wheel of your marketing success – contact us today to embark on a journey of remarkable CPM results!

The above statistics pertaining to CPM vehicle graphics have been modified for the GTA area by substituting commuter and demographic information from the original study to GTA area statistics.

Quality Assurance

Your image and reputation are paramount to MYC. All of our 3rd party drivers must adhere to our strict Safe Drivers Policy and pass our Driver Screening process.

Drivers provide monthly kilometer reports to ensure accuracy in billing and quality of promotion. Vehicle’s odometer and wrap condition is inspected by MYC on a quarterly basis. It is our responsibility to ensure that your advertisement looks professional and it is not damaged in any way. Therefore if any issues arise we will fix and/or re-wrap the vehicle at no additional cost to you.

Our Campaign Management Policy Outlines the steps we take to ensure the success of our campaigns.

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Campaign Highlights: Advantages of Vehicle Marketing with Market Your Car

Driver Screening

Drivers are thoroughly screened, before the vehicle is wrapped, to ensure that they represent your company and brand with the utmost regard for your public image. To that end, they must:

Meet all criteria on our Safe Driver Policy which includes:
  • No speeding tickets

  • No more than 3 minor driving infractions

  • No at-fault accidents

  • No careless driving, criminal convictions, or charges pending

Sign our contract that outlines our detailed Terms and Conditions, and Rules and Responsibilities, including:
  • Tracking of kilometers driven

  • Odometer readings performed by MYC

  • Quality inspections of vehicles performed by MYC

  • Complete our screening process which includes a check of their insurance record

  • To ensure optimal representation advertisers can give our drivers and educational package about the brand or products to aid in stearing curious people in the right location when questions are asked of the driver.

  • MYC includes the phrase “How’s my driving?” with a phone number to call, and a unique vehicle ID, with each wrap. This enables us to monitor how well the brand is being represented. If any issues arise from poor driving habits MYC will pull the driver off the road and unwrap the vehicle. WE will then select a new driver and wrap the new vehicle at no cost the the advertiser to ensure the brand is being represented well at all times.

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