Rear Projection Film

MYC is the first company in North America to use 3M’s new Vikuiti RPF in a vehicle! This exciting new Rear Projection Film has a vast number of potential marketing and communication applications. You can create one display system and re-use it simply by changing the video-feed, not the wrap! Imagine having a wrapped vehicle with the versatility to change the advertisement as often as you like. Promote different products every day, or advertise a seasonal special. This is a very unique and versatile marketing medium which will grow tremendously over the next few years.

How it works

Rear projection film is installed on the inside of the vehicle windows. The vehicle then gets outfitted with additional batteries, projectors, and a media player. The media player can be a USB stick if the projector is compatible, or a double din Navi/DVD unit, or just a simple DVD player. This application is usually limited to larger vehicles such as vans and SUV’s and can limit the number of passengers or cargo the vehicle can carry. The finished result allows you to play a commercial, digital or static advertisement.

Attention Grabbing

This type of advertisement receives a lot of attention. Imagine driving at night and seeing this bright advertisement 1 kilometre away. Most people have never seen this and will be curious of what it is. Having a dynamic advertisement will always get attention because it is very different from other modes of advertising. Depending on the projector installed in the vehicle, this advertisement can be just as effective and bright during the day.


When installed properly this film can last years because it is installed on the inside of the vehicle and it is protected from outdoor damaging elements. Since this film is new and MYC was the first to put it on our vehicle we are still testing how long it will last. It was installed in our vehicle in 2012 and it is still like new with no wear and tear.