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Mileage reporting is mandatory for all Drivers in the Drive Program. Mileage must be reported every month, on time, and accurately. Failure to do so may cause your payment(s) to be witheld and/or forfeit.

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Terms & Conditions

Participation in this program is at your sole discretion and Market Your Car Inc. reserves the right to select participants based on its current business need and to modify or terminate this offer at any time. Criteria for selection may include, but is not limited to, driving habits and lifestyle. Before entering into an agreement with any person, Market Your Car Inc. reserves the right to review you Driver or DMV records. Any false statements or withholding of information is grounds for termination from the agreement.

  1. How to sign up/Selection Process
    As a potential driver you need to complete the questionnaire on the Market Your Car Inc. web site. Your answers will provide us with information about you including where you live and work, where you drive, and where you park. Market Your Car Inc. will compile the applications into a database of potential drivers. We will select select drivers that best meet their desired needs of our clients based on the information you provide.

  2. Eligibility
    You must possess a valid U.S. or Canadian drivers license. Market Your Car Inc. may run Motor Vehicle Record, Criminal Background and Credit checks.

  3. General Conditions
    You are also responsible for fueling your vehicle and having valid insurance. In addition you are required to keep the exterior of you vehicle clean so that the advertisements are clearly visible. Repairs and Maintenance are your responsibility and need to be done in a timely manner so that the vehicle remains drivable on the road. If you are selected to receive one of our cars, we pay for the lease and for all scheduled maintenance and repairs on the vehicle.

  4. Conduct & Rules
    As a selected driver, Market Your Car Inc. and our advertisers are counting on you to continue to drive and live the way you said you would on the questionnaire. Therefore it is important to adhere to the following rules and comply with appropriate conduct.

    You must:
    • Drive approximately the number of miles you said you would.
    • Keep the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean.
    • Be the primary driver of the vehicle.
    • Contact Market Your Car Inc. to report any accidents, moving violations, or problems with the wrap.
    These are only general rules of conduct. If you are selected for the program, we will send you a drivers contract that describes to you all of the legally binding terms and conditions.

  5. Selected Drivers
    One of our representative will notify potential Market Your Car Inc. drivers as soon as you are selected for one of our programs.
    • Selected drivers must sign a Contract that specifically outlines all terms and conditions of your contract with Market Your Car Inc..
    • You will also receive a Drivers Handbook that will provide you with information what do in case of an accident and other Market Your Car Inc. policies and procedures.

  6. How to Turn in Your Car
    You will be notified by a Market Your Car Inc. representative to let you know where and when to drop off your vehicle when we will take the advertisement off of your vehicle. Specific details on each program are outlined in a Driver Contract Agreement that you will receive once you are selected for the program.

  7. Use of data you provide
    To fulfill our business objective of providing our registrants with free cars and paying them for allowing us to advertize on their vehicles, we will need to obtain personally identifiable information from you or about you. Such personally identifiable information may include your name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, income, credit references, etc. The information we receive about you or from you may be used by us or shared by us with our corporate affiliates, agents, vendors and others to help process or complete a transaction; to comply with any law, regulation, audit or court order; to help improve our Web site or the products or services we offer; for research; to better understand our customers needs; to develop new offerings; and to alert you to new products and services in which you may be interested. We believe that knowing more about you can enable us to serve you better.

    For more details about how we protect your information, please see our Privacy Policy.