Background Check Permission (Comprehensive) Form
For Prospective Vehicle Owners/Drivers

In connection with my application to render my services and vehicle for advertising purposes to Market Your Car Inc., ("the Company"),
I, , located at, hereby agree as follows:

  1. General Consent to Background Investigation

    As a condition of the Company's consideration of my application to render my services to the Company, I grant my permission to the Company to investigate my personal and employment history. I understand that this background investigation may include, but may not be limited to, verification of all personal and professional information that I submit to the Company at any point in time.

  2. Consent to Contact Past Employers And Companies

    I hereby authorize and specifically grant my permission to the Company to contact all of my current and prior employers, and organizations/associations, to which I have provided services to. Further, I grant permission to, and authorize, all current or previous employers and/or managers or supervisors to discuss my relevant personal and employment history with the Company, to provide such information orally or in writing, and hereby release them from all liability and agree not to bring any action against them based upon any statements they make to any representative of the Company. I further waive all rights to receive a copy of any written statement provided by any of my former employers or supervisors to the Company. I further agree to indemnify all past employers and organizations to whom I have provided services for any liability they may incur because of their reliance upon this Agreement.

  3. Consent to Contact Government Agencies

    I further grant permission to, and authorize the Company to receive a copy of any information obtained in the file of any Federal, Provincial, or local court, or governmental agency concerning or relating to me. I further consent to the release of such information to the Company and waive any right under law concerning notification of the request for a release of such information. In the event a law does not provide for the Company to have access to information, I hereby delegate and authorize the Company as my agent for the receipt of information. I understand that the scope of this investigation will be limited as required by applicable law.

  4. Cooperation With Investigation

    I agree to fully cooperate in the Company's background investigation of my person, and to sign any waivers or releases that may be necessary or desirable to obtain access to relevant information. In the event that any former employer or other organization or Federal, Provincial, or local governmental agency will not release reference information or criminal history information directly to the Company, I agree to personally request such information or provide the necessary consent to release such information to the Company to the extent permitted by law.

  5. Miscellaneous

    This Agreement represents the entire understanding and agreement relating to its subject matter. The Company shall be entitled fully to rely on this Agreement. I understand that I have no guarantee of being contracted, hired or contacted to provide my services to the Company and that the Company may determine not to engage in any form of commerce with me for any lawful reason.