Consumer Statistics

A glimpse into consumer statistics and trends is provided in Unveiling Insights.

Consumer Statistics as a Tool for Success: Power of Print Marketing and Vehicle Wraps

Discover the unmatched power of vehicle wraps as a print marketing tool that successfully and consistently reaches target audiences. Custom vehicle wraps are so effective at grabbing consumers’ attention at key times and converting them into customers that no other advertising strategy can compete.

There are many advertising mediums that target customers providing detailed information on exact customer statistics. They vary in their effective reach, ability to convert, and physical medium through which brands are marketed. Following research, it is conclusive that no print marketing medium reaches target audiences as effectively and consistently as print marketing on custom vehicle wraps. This medium targets consumers at the right time, in the right place, and when potential customers are highly visually aware. The ability to target consumers at key times makes vehicle wraps and vehicle wrap companies at the forefront of print marketing advertising. Vehicle wraps and graphics can be a valuable and key component in your marketing strategy that helps conversion.


Target People when in the Right Frame of Mind:

Take advantage of the chance to promote your business to potential clients. 40% of people make a purchasing decision on the way home from work. Utilizing company vehicles that are simply engaging in their day-to-day activity, creates a unique opportunity to wrap them in an advertisement and help drive more sales to your business. Placing an advertisement in front of people whose habits suggest they are going to make a decision to buy something, makes the advertisement more effective in changing a potential consumer into a customer. By converting corporate vehicles into interesting mobile commercials, you can make sure that your message reaches responsive people and converts potential customers into devoted ones.

Target People at the Right Time:

Stay top-of-mind with shoppers during their daily routines by utilizing company vehicles or our dynamic vehicle marketing program. Vehicle wraps serve as powerful reminders to consumers, guiding them to your products or services precisely when they are in the buying phase. The majority of people shop on the way home from work and after they get home from work. Utilizing company vehicles or our vehicle marketing program continues to reaffirm a brand or product at the time consumers are shopping. People are busy and sometimes forget to buy certain things they want or need. Vehicle wraps serve as reminders to consumers. And it doesn’t matter whether your marketing vehicle wrap is stationary and parked or active and driving. It’s always out there promoting to people who are already in the buying phase, which makes your investment in print marketing vehicle wraps a lot easier.

Target People when in the Right Frame of Mind:

60% of consumers shop closer to home. Citizens driving home from work or using their vehicles to conduct daily business can take advantage of advertising space by being in the right place, advertising products or services at local retailers. Targeting people daily in the right area where products are sold drives sales significantly. Advertising can cost a company a lot. Vehicle wraps help focus advertising dollars in key target locations rather than advertising in areas where the potential customers may not travel to. With vehicle wraps strategically placed in key target areas, your advertising dollars are channeled effectively, driving sales and boosting your brand’s visibility in the local community.

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