Invisible Protection

Bumper bras and plastic hood deflectors take away from your car’s appeal and leave behind an unattractive visual.  3M Paint Protection Film (PPF) does the exact opposite. Not only does it maintain your vehicle’s beautiful lustre and natural shine, but 3M PPF also provides exceptional protection against stone chips and scratches. This maintains the longevity of your car and is a car wrap that any vehicle, commercial or otherwise, can use.


Unlike vehicle graphics, fleet wraps, and trailer wraps, PPF uses a wet application process to ensure a seamless installation. Although this process takes longer than average decals and car wraps, the result is stunning and lasts! Paint Protection Film can be applied to particular areas of your vehicle that are more prone to chips. This way, you can narrow in on problem areas and the naked eye will never be able to notice between wrapped and unwrapped areas of your car. We usually recommend covering the front bumper, fenders, hood, and mirrors with PPF. This provides excellent protection on the front of your vehicle. Often, covering one’s hood can be enough protection to help maintain the lustre of your vehicle.


PPF can save you money down the road. It helps to keep the resale value of the vehicle by keeping the front looking new and stone chip-free. People often have to repaint their front ends because they get destroyed through regular driving. Stone chips may even cause rust to appear. Having PPF may prevent potential hood replacement due to rust. PPF is a must-have for any new vehicle.