Paint protection film

protect your cars paint with pAINT PROTECTION FILM

Paint Protection Film is a clear and invisible barrier which protects your car’s paint from scratches. Get PPF today and enjoy these benefits:

  • Save On Expensive Paint Repairs

    Repainting or repairing the paint on your vehicle is costly. With Paint Protection Film (PPF) you'll save on expensive repairs and enjoy long lasting paint protection.

  • Reduces The Need For Washing

    Over time, your cars original paint will start to fade. Paint Protection Film will repel dust, dirt and more as you drive. You can easily clean your PPF with a wash.

  • Protects Your Vehicle From Sun Fading

    Constant exposure to sunlight causes your paint to fade. Your car may receive uneven sunlight which will create different paint shades. With PPF, you'll block harmful UV rays from fading your paint job.

Situated in the vibrant city of Mississauga, Market Your Car stands as a preeminent and distinguished entity within the realm of vehicle wraps and graphics. Our influential presence extends across the expanse of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and far beyond, reaching communities with our exceptional offerings and dedicated service. Encompassing a team of seasoned car wrap installers, we take immense pride in catering to our local populace with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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The application of paint protection film

ppf provides invisible protection

Unlike vehicle graphics, fleet wraps, and trailer wraps, PPF uses a wet application process to ensure a seamless installation. Although this process takes longer than average decals and car wraps, the result is stunning and lasts! Paint Protection Film can be applied to particular areas of your vehicle that are more prone to chips. This way, you can narrow in on problem areas and the naked eye will never be able to notice between wrapped and unwrapped areas of your car. We usually recommend covering the front bumper, fenders, hood, and mirrors with PPF. This provides excellent protection on the front of your vehicle. Often, covering one’s hood can be enough protection to help maintain the luster of your vehicle.

Our specialization lies in the artistry of vehicle wraps and graphics, a domain in which we have honed our expertise to a remarkable degree. At the core of our enterprise lies an unrelenting devotion to both quality and service, principles that have not only elevated our stature but have also fostered enduring and meaningful relationships with our valued clientele. These relationships are not merely transactions; they are testimonies to our dedication and the trust reposed in us by our patrons.

The power of vehicle wraps & Graphics

pAINT PROTECTION fILM provides invisible protection

Bumper bras and plastic hood deflectors take away from your car’s appeal and leave behind an unattractive visual.  3M Paint Protection Film (PPF) does the exact opposite. Not only does it maintain your vehicle’s beautiful lustre and natural shine, but 3M PPF also provides exceptional protection against stone chips and scratches. This maintains the longevity of your car and is a car wrap that any vehicle, commercial or otherwise, can use.

Central to our ascendancy is our unique ability to synergistically contribute to the growth and success of our customers’ businesses. Beyond the superficial aesthetics of wraps and graphics, we recognize the profound impact they wield in enhancing brand visibility and engagement. This profound realization fuels our endeavors as we collaborate with businesses, propelling them towards their objectives. We take immense satisfaction in the symbiotic relationship we share with our clients, wherein their triumphs resonate as testimonials to our efficacy and dedication.

PPF can save you money down the road. It helps to keep the resale value of the vehicle by keeping the front looking new and stone chip-free. People often have to repaint their front ends because they get destroyed through regular driving. Stone chips may even cause rust to appear. Having PPF may prevent potential hood replacement due to rust. PPF is a must-have for any new vehicle.