You're Now Being Paid to Drive Your Own Car!
Isn't that exciting?!

With the pleasure of driving a wrapped vehicle also come certain responsibilities. Drivers and their vehicles are considered unofficial representatives of the advertisers and their actions will reflect upon the advertiser, whether they know it or not. Listed below are some of the general courtesies and responsibilities Market Your Car Inc. asks of drivers while driving a wrapped vehicle. Contract obligations may vary.


  • Drivers may be asked to alter their route(s) from time to time so as to increase the exposure of the advertisements.
  • Drivers are required to report their mileage to Market Your Car Inc. on the last business day of every month.
  • Drivers are required to allow Market Your Car Inc. to inspect their vehicles for damages, and verify mileage on a periodic basis.
  • Drivers may be asked to provide photos of their attendance at functions/events that are related to the advertiser's wrap.
  • Drivers must not engage in any illegal acts while representing the advertiser. This includes reckless, careless or inconsiderate driving.
  • Drivers are required to keep their vehicle clean so that the advertisement can be seen at all times.

General Courtesies

  • From time to time drivers are asked about the advertisements on their vehicles
    • Drivers are asked to please respond in a courteous and respectful manner.
    • If the driver has been given promotional material they will also have been asked to hand it out when and where it is appropriate to do so.
    • If someone speaks to the driver negatively about the advertiser, the driver will kindly say that they are not an employee of the advertiser, and then exit the situation.
  • Drivers must always take the image and reputation of the advertiser into consideration when they're operating their vehicles.
  • Drivers must take great care to avoid being within the vicinity of a crime scene or accident so as to not associate the advertiser to with negative events/situations.

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