This glossary is designed to help people to understand the industry terms relating to the vehicle wraps and vehicle advertising industry.

Vehicle Wrap

A specialized service that involves applying custom-designed graphics or wraps to cars, trucks, vans, buses, trailers, trains, planes, and other vehicles. These eye-catching wraps serve as mobile billboards, promoting businesses and brands effectively.

Commercial Wrap

Tailored for businesses, commercial wraps transform vehicles into powerful advertising tools. They are ideal for fleet vehicles, helping companies increase brand visibility and reach a broader audience while on the move.

Car Wrap

Designed for individual car owners, car wraps offer a customizable and temporary way to change a vehicle's appearance. They protect the car's original paint while adding unique designs or colors.


The art of creating visually engaging and attention-grabbing designs, such as logos, illustrations, and promotional materials, to enhance brand identity and marketing efforts.

Truck Wrap

Similar to vehicle wraps, truck wraps specifically cater to trucks and large commercial vehicles. They transform ordinary trucks into captivating advertisements, making them stand out on the road.

Custom Printing

A professional printing service provider offering a wide range of printing solutions, including brochures, banners, business cards, and promotional materials.

Perforated Graphics

A specialized technique that involves printing graphics on perforated vinyl, allowing visibility from the inside while maintaining an eye-catching appearance on the outside.


The process of professionally applying vehicle wraps and graphics to ensure a seamless and durable finish, maximizing the visual impact and longevity.

Trailer Wrap

Tailored for trailers and haulage vehicles, trailer wraps turn blank spaces into powerful marketing platforms, showcasing brand messages and imagery.

Bus Wrap

Transforming buses into moving billboards, bus wraps are large-format graphics that create a striking visual impact, capturing the attention of commuters and pedestrians.

Train Wrap

Utilizing trains as unique advertising spaces, train wraps offer a massive canvas for brands to display their messages, reaching audiences in busy urban areas.

Plane Wrap

A creative way to advertise on airplanes, plane wraps make use of the aircraft's surfaces to showcase brands, products, and promotional campaigns.

SUV Wrap

Custom-designed wraps for SUVs, combining style and functionality, and providing an effective means of brand promotion while maintaining the vehicle's aesthetics.

Van Wrap

Tailored for vans, van wraps enhance brand visibility on the road, turning vans into mobile advertising platforms to attract potential customers

Custom Wrap

A fully personalized and unique wrap design service, allowing businesses and individuals to create one-of-a-kind graphics that align with their specific needs and preferences.

Color Change Wrap

A service that offers a complete transformation of a vehicle's appearance by changing its color with high-quality vinyl wraps.

Perforated Vinyl

A type of vinyl material with small holes that allows visibility from one side while providing an opaque appearance on the other side, commonly used for window graphics.

Fleet Wraps

A cost-effective advertising solution for businesses with multiple vehicles, fleet wraps turn an entire fleet into a cohesive mobile marketing campaign.

Fleet Graphics

Graphics and branding elements applied to fleet vehicles to create a consistent and professional look across the entire fleet.


A versatile material used for creating wraps and graphics, vinyl offers durability, vibrant colors, and the ability to adhere to various surfaces.

Large Format Printer

A specialized printer capable of printing large-scale graphics, essential for creating vehicle wraps, banners, and other wide-format prints.


A protective layer applied on top of printed graphics to enhance their durability, providing resistance to UV rays, scratches, and environmental elements.

Printing Company

A business offering various printing services, including digital and offset printing for marketing materials, signage, and other promotional items.

Commercial Printer

  1. A professional printing service catering to commercial clients, providing high-quality prints for businesses and organizations.