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Vehicle Wraps Cost Analysis:

The average cost of any vehicle wrap is only a fraction of the cost of ongoing advertising space and more. Instead of using your vehicle as a single-purpose driving mechanism, use it as a mobile billboard to market your business. When you market your business well, you transform your offering into a branded experience that engages the public with vehicle wraps.

Using proper and quality materials, a professionally wrapped vehicle wrap can last longer than 5 years. The table to the right illustrates the amortized cost of a vehicle wrap that lasts 5 years across various typical vehicle types. We’ve done the math and  a wrapped vehicle in the GTA will generate (conservatively) 7,700,000 views in a single year! That works out to 21,095 views per day for roughly the cost of a coffee.

Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into the power of vehicle wraps, as they turn your fleet into brand ambassadors that attract attention wherever they go. From parked vehicles to those on the move, your message remains visible 24/7, ensuring your brand remains unforgettable to potential customers. Let the creativity and quality of our vehicle wraps speak for your business, transforming your vehicles into captivating marketing assets that drive results and increase brand recognition.

Average CostVehicle TypeLifeAnnuallyMonthlyDaily
$1,650.00Compact Car 5 Years$330.00/yr$27.50/mo$0.89/day
$2,300.00Small-Medium Cars 5 Years$460.00/yr$38.33/mo$1.24/day
$2,450.00Medium-Large Cars 5 Years$490.00/yr$40.83/mo$1.32/day
$2,600.00Trucks & Vans 5 Years$520.00/yr$43.33/mo$1.40/day
$2,800.00Large Trucks & Vans 5 Years$560.00/yr$46.67/mo$1.51/day
$2,700.00Cargo Vans 5 Years$540.00/yr$45.00/mo$1.45/day
$3,495.00Small Food Trucks 5 Years$600.00/yr$50.00/mo$1.61/day
$2,400.00Small Cube Trucks 5 Years$240.00/yr$20.00/mo$0.65/day
$5,500.00Large Trailers 5 Years$550.00/yr$45.83/mo$1.48/day

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