Get Paid To Drive

Turn Your Car Into a Profitable Advertising Platform

How it Works

Our Get Paid to Drive Program is a unique way to get paid while advertising. We offer businesses an alternative way of advertising using vehicles. We rent the space on your vehicle and use it to advertise a business, brand, product, or service. In return, you receive up to $800/month in compensation for transforming your ride into a mobile billboard. In case you didn’t read that part, it’s 800$ extra per month!

The amount of compensation depends on a variety of factors including vehicle coverage, a location wherein you’re driving, and the duration of the campaign. These campaigns can last anywhere from a few months to 5 years. Our goal is to leverage as much attention on the road to brands as possible. The more eyes that see your branded vehicle, the better the ad space is working!

Be aware Of Real Vehicle Marketing Versus the "Others"

There might be some other programs available that promote their mobile advertising programs – that promise to pay you while you drive. Ours runs completely unique based on our full in-house service. Often they ask for a small payment or a monthly fee to give you access to this information. Under no circumstances should you ever pay anything to provide ad space on your car! At Market Your Car, we never charge drivers to participate in our Get Paid to Drive Program.

Our program is unique, effective, and benefits everyone involved. This new concept is relatively new to the vehicle advertising market with a program that has the potential to reach advanced heights! Many companies do not know that this advertising medium exists and as a result, it could take a while for you to be chosen for one of our programs. In light of our program being so popular, we’re always looking for great brands to keep up with our list of drivers. At this time, our waitlist is long, but once we receive new vehicle advertising requests from businesses, we contact our program members!

Process Overview:

There have been many studies done to identify the effectiveness of outdoor vehicle advertising. The consensus of the majority of studies is that vehicle advertising is one the most effective and least expensive advertising mediums available.

Studies estimate that vehicle wraps can garner as many as 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. It is easy to see the low CPM for vehicle wraps in the graph below which illustrates the CPM for various advertising mediums.

To be eligible for our Get Paid to Drive Program you must fill out our online Registration Form.

  • Register Online for free

  • You will be added to our database of drivers

  • We search through our database in order of drivers when launching new programs

  • MYC will contact you once we have found a program for you

  • Upon your acceptance of the program, MYC will arrange a day for the graphics installation

  • Installation takes approximately one full day

  • Get paid to drive

How we Choose Drivers
Location: Location is the largest determinant for selecting a driver. For example, if a business desires to advertise in a particular location, we will select drivers who reside and conduct the majority of their driving within that target area.
Demographics: Depending on the type of business we may target a particular driver. For example, if promoting a female-only fitness centre, it would be appropriate to select female-only drivers to promote the business.
Vehicle: The type of vehicle doesn’t generally matter. The make, model, and colour of your car will be wrapped to advertise a business to our required standard. Nevertheless, we do require cars to be running safely and efficiently. Believe it or not, damaged cars, those that do not run well, and more can hinder advertising conversion rates for brands. If a car doesn’t run well, it may leave an undesirable taste in the mouth of potential customers as well. You don’t need to drive a Porsche, but we also recommend you do not drive Fred Flintstone’s foot mobile either.
It’s absolutely paramount that you fill out our registration forms completely to increase the chances of being selected for a Get Paid to Drive Program. Incomplete forms will not be accepted due to liability issues.
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