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Market Your Car is a leading commercial vehicle wraps company located in Mississauga, servicing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. Our highly trained car wrap installers serve our community with expert-care. We specialize in vehicle wraps and graphics and our primary focus on quality and service has allowed us to build great and long-lasting relationships with our customers. The key to our growth has been in helping our customers grow their business.

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Market Your Car is pushing the boundaries of vehicle graphics or car wraps. Our focus on quality and service sets us apart from our competitors. Just give us a call to speak with our friendly and experienced representatives. We are happy to answer all of your questions to get you started! There are many companies trying to capture business by promises the lowest prices for their custom car wraps. But fast isn’t better. There is a significant difference in a vehicle wrap that costs $1,500 versus a vehicle wrap that costs $2,500. More businesses are turning to vehicle wraps and graphics than ever before. This is why we take the time to inform and educate our customers on everything involved in custom car wraps and vehicle wraps. Explore our blog for more insight or give us a call today.

commercial vehicle wrap
commercial vehicle wrap

The power of vehicle wraps & Graphics

We help companies grow their business through vehicle advertising

Another major and often overlooked part of branding a business with vehicle wraps and graphics is the design. There are many companies using the bate of “free design” to attract customers. Free sounds great, but great design is never free. Design is paramount to your custom graphics and requires an understanding of print marketing that captures attention. Your vehicle wrap, fleet wrap, or trailer wrap’s graphics should draw in business, and this involves strategy. Graphic design involves more than just creative work. It involves understanding each given market and targeting business. Many commercial vehicle wraps produced by other companies include design as part of their wrap package with novice techniques to quickly produce products. A designer is not just a person who knows how to use graphic programs, they possess vision and create innovative designs. Our designers work to create effective imagery on your car wraps that attract business and increase sales.

Explore the benefits of commercial vehicle wraps & graphics

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Transform your company vehicles into effective advertising spaces that gain business through 30,000 to 70,000 impressions made daily. The average cost for a full vehicle wrap is approximately $2,500.00. That works out to $42.00/month when calculated by a vehicle wraps average lifespan of 5 years. Compared to outdoor and traditional forms of advertising, $50 doesn’t go very far. It’s not even enough for a small ad in a newspaper for one day.

Building a brand is difficult and takes time.  You need to leverage more than one form of advertising, using the best tools, team, and strategies, to attract customers. Including vehicle graphics in your marketing strategy can have a great effect on building awareness for your brand. In addition, the cost of vehicle advertising using fleet wraps and vehicle graphics is minor, and therefore ideal for any business to use! You can leverage vehicle wraps as outstanding and eye-catching advertising tools to increase your business. Static billboards can cost around  $10,000/month and more. And every month you must renew ad space. Using car wraps and vehicle graphics is low on cost and can have a lasting positive effect on your business.

Design is very important in the effectiveness of mobile graphics. You know you’ve seen ineffective graphic signs when you weren’t inspired, they didn’t stand out and potentially appeared rather boring. These are our expert tips on amazing vehicle graphics.

  1. Keep it short – with a moving vehicle, there is not much time to get your message across.
  2. We recommend limiting graphics to logo, website, phone number, select bullet points, slogan or tag line. 
  3. Use your background wisely – it should tie into your branding and not distract from your contact information.

Vehicle graphics can be created in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. We can customize your vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, and trailer wraps using classic decals or large-scale vibrant full wraps. We recommend using, at minimum, partial wraps. Using partial wraps gives you the opportunity to create showstopping graphics and messaging without the full commitment of a fully branded vehicle wrap. Our representatives can work with you to determine whether decals and graphics, partial wraps, or full vehicle wraps are better suited for your branding goals. Depending on your fleet vehicle, car wrap requirements may vary based on your needs!

Quality installation ensures your vehicle graphics last a long time. If proper materials are used and installed correctly, vehicle wraps can last from 3 to five years with proper care and maintenance. Truck and Trailer wraps can last as long as 10 years or more. Vehicle wraps and graphics are an investment and should be done properly. Poorly printed graphics and poorly installed vehicle wraps can have a negative effect on your brand

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