MYC Vehicle Wraps & Graphics/Decals
The least expensive and most effective form of advertising

Transform your company vehicles into an effective medium that delivers the most impressions per dollar spent. The average cost for a full vehicle wrap is approximately $3,000.00. That works out to $50.00/mo over that 5 year period. For only $1.64/day you can benefit from having a large moving billboard promoting your business 24/7.

Compared to traditional advertising, $50 is not even enough for a smallest ad in a newspaper for one day. You can advertise your business every day with a mobile billboard that gets attention for years at a time!

The Importance of Branding

Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola, Fedex, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s or Beer Store truck rolling down the road?

Branding your company vehicles is not only an important step for a business, but it has become a new standard now that the costs associated with wrapping vehicles has become so more affordable. Also, with the introduction of new vinyl materials that can be safely installed and removed. Small and medium sized businesses can do what big businesses have done for years. Whether your organization has 1 car or a fleet of vehicles, wraps are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to brand and/or advertise your business.