Vehicle Wrap Cost Analysis

The average cost of any vehicle wrap is only a fraction of the cost for ongoing advertising space and more. Instead of using your vehicle as a single-purpose driving mechanism, use it as a mobile billboard to market your business. When you market your business well, you transform your offering into a branded experience that engages the public with vehicle wraps.

Using proper and quality materials, a professionally wrapped vehicle wrap can last longer than 5 years. The table to the right illustrates the amortized cost of a vehicle wrap that lasts 5 years across various typical vehicle types.

We’ve done the math and a wrapped vehicle in the GTA will generate (conservatively) 7,700,000 views in a single year! That works out to21,095 views per day for roughly the cost of a coffee.

Average Cost Vehicle Type Life Annually Monthly Daily
$1,650.00 Compact Car 5 Years $330.00/yr $27.50/mo $0.89/day
$2,300.00 Small-Medium Cars 5 Years $460.00/yr $38.33/mo $1.24/day
$2,450.00 Medium-Large Cars 5 Years $490.00/yr $40.83/mo $1.32/day
$2,600.00 Trucks & Vans 5 Years $520.00/yr $43.33/mo $1.40/day
$2,800.00 Large Trucks & Vans 5 Years $560.00/yr $46.67/mo $1.51/day
$2,700.00 Cargo Vans 5 Years $540.00/yr $45.00/mo $1.45/day
$3,495.00 Small Food Trucks 5 Years $600.00/yr $50.00/mo $1.61/day
$2,400.00 Small Cube Trucks 10 Years $240.00/yr $20.00/mo $0.65/day
$5,500.00 Large Trailers 10 Years $550.00/yr $45.83/mo $1.48/day