CPM Analysis

There have been many studies done to identify the effectiveness of outdoor vehicle advertising. The consensus of the majority of studies is that vehicle advertising is one the most effective and least expensive advertising mediums available.

Studies estimate that vehicle wraps can garner as many as 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. It is easy to see the low CPM for vehicle wraps in the graph below which illustrates the CPM for various advertising mediums.

97% of people recall Wraps

Not only is vehicle advertising relatively inexpensive but it also has a high return value. With 97 % of people remembering fleet graphics, it is one of the best tools to incorporate into a companies print marketing strategy.

98% of people think wraps create a positive image of the advertiser.

The additional benefit of vehicle wraps, decals, and fleet graphics is that they unify a fleet or company image. In addition to 98% of people believe vehicle wraps and graphic marketing create a positive company image. Car wraps can help businesses appear newer and more modern by wrapping old vehicles with sleek and modern imagery.

96% of people think fleet graphics have more impact than billboards.

The probable reason 96% of people think wraps have more impact than billboards is vehicle wraps have higher visibility. Vehicle wraps and graphics inadvertently follow potential business by engaging in the most common setting, roadways. By maintaining advertising right in potential customers’ line of sight, you garner business with added ease. Other billboards require customers to look left, right, or up in the air to capture information. Vehicle wraps work with customers where they are.


CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions)

CPM stands for Cost per Thousand Impressions. It is a industry standard unit of measure which defines how many dollars it costs to run an advertisement to receive 1000 impressions.

Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle advertising is when an advertisement is placed on a vehicle. They can be in the forms of car wraps, bus wraps, van wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps and virtually any other type of vehicle wrap. While full vehicle wraps are the most effective when designed and wrapped properly, simple decals or partial wraps can qualify as vehicle advertisements and can also be very effective.


A vehicle wrap is the outcome of printing graphics on adhesive-backed vinyl products that are installed directly onto your vehicle. Other names for vehicle wraps, car wraps, and fleet wraps include skirts, shrink wrap, car vinyl, or condom. The industry-standard terms are vehicle wrap, truck wraps, trailer wrap,or fleet wrap.


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