Projection Digital ADvertising

How it works

Rear projection film is installed on the inside of the vehicle windows. The vehicle then gets outfitted with additional batteries, projectors, and a media player. The media player can be:

This application is usually limited to larger vehicles such as vans and SUVs and can limit the number of passengers or cargo the vehicle can carry. The finished result allows you to play a commercial, digital, or static advertisement for your target audience.

Market Your Car is a leading vehicle wraps & graphics company located in Mississauga, servicing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. Our highly trained car wrap installers serve our community with expert-care. We specialize in vehicle wraps and graphics and our primary focus on quality and service has allowed us to build great and long-lasting relationships with our customers. The key to our growth has been in helping our customers grow their business.

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MYC is the first company in North America to use 3M’s new Vikuiti RPF in vehicles! This exciting new Rear Projection Film has a vast number of potential marketing and communication applications. You can create one display system and re-use it simply by changing the video-feed, not the wrap! Imagine having a wrapped vehicle with the versatility to change the advertisement as often as you like? This provides a lot of opportunities to revamp your marketing strategy whenever you’re ready to target new audiences.  This unique and versatile marketing medium will grow tremendously over the next few years and can help you stay on top of your market with expertise.

This type of advertisement receives a lot of attention. Imagine driving at night and seeing this bright advertisement 1 kilometre away? You just can’t deny or miss the stunning visuals digital products provide. Having a dynamic advertisement will always get attention because it is very different from other modes of advertising. Depending on the projector installed in the vehicle, this advertisement can be just as effective and bright during the day.

When products are installed correctly and with expert-care, you can expect long-lasting products that are free from outdoor damage. Because we are one of the first to install and develop these products in-line with vehicle installations, we continue to test how long these products can last. To date, we have installed our products and they’re still going strong since their first installation in 2012! Imagine how far your products can go?